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Sherry-Ann H.

Sherry has been with us for a few years now and has recently fallen in love with jiu jitsu. She has had to take breaks here and there for financial reasons. She is 15 years old and a sophomore at Moanalua High school. She is taking senior level courses and is always pushing to do better, whether it is on or off the mats. Her first and only grappling tournament she's done so far, was NAGA this past Spring at 14 years old. She ended up competing in 7 different divisions including her own, because they needed people to cover other empty divisions. A few of these included people that were a higher rank than her, heavier than her, and even a 16 year old boy. No matter what the circumstances were, she stepped up with no hesitation. She ended up with 5 gold and 2 silver medals for her first tournament. Since then, she's been training whenever she can in order to be ready for the upcoming tournaments. However, her parents can 't always afford this rather costly sport. Most of the training attire she's wearing were donated to her and when tournaments come up, it's never a question of her preparedness but whether or not it's affordable. In fact, the first gi I've ever bought was a red/black breakpoint gi and Sherry liked the same colors I do, so I passed it down to her and it's now one of her favorite gis to wear. I've been instructing for almost ten years now, and I've never seen a more deserving student come into our gym. I am aware that there are tons of other students in the world that are also deserving of this scholarship, but I do strongly believe that Sherry is definitely worth a second look. She's the most humble person I know and I know that she would be forever grateful and honored if chosen for this scholarship.

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