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Hannah M.

Hannah has been doing Jiu Jitsu for 8 years now and from day one has never wavered from her passion for the sport. Even when she was the only girl on the mat to train or compete, she was always willing to learn and roll. She is a strong believer in supporting young girls in this sport to give them strength and power to stand tall and accept themselves in who they are. She has become an inspiration to many young girls not only through the dojo she attends but at other training facilities and competitions. She is the first to offer help in techniques and moral support,to those who are not even on her team, win or lose. While she tells children in class that losing a match is only a loss when you fail to see your need for growth and bettering yourself. There is always a positive to be found. Hannah also is the only female wrestler in her high school, she joined to better her competing aggressive strength in jiu jitsu, and she not only bettered herself for her loved sport, she won girls state championship for her weight class. She has found ways to bring the sport of Jiu jitsu to wrestling and also in turn using the knowledge she learned in wrestling to the mat, for the students she teaches in the dojo. Her attitude of strength flows through her, on and off the mat. Simply put, she is a worthy steward of the sport, being a positive role model in how she is on and off the mat. Jiu jitsu is not just a sport it is a way of living, embracing and finding your strengths, no matter your size or rank.

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