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Benjamin W.

This scholarship would mean everything to me and my son. Jits has been a bonding and healing experience for me and my son. Unfortunately awhile back my sons mother had a problem with drugs and alcohol that tore our family apart and was devastating to my son as well as myself. Leaving me to be a single father to raise my son alone, the financial burden that I was left with was crippling. Choices had to be made since we were becoming homeless, that meant cutting expenses to eat and find housing. 

Through training with my son I saw confidence and relationship grow strong everyday. Having started getting back on your feet I have a little extra money to get him training again but not really able to afford for both of us to train together for a at least 6 more months. When I sat my son down to talk to him he told me he did not want to return without me training as well, and that he would rather see me spend the money on myself. As you can imagine this warmed and broke my heart at the same time, but it was the lessons he learned on the mat and from or jits family that taught him to have this mindset to care so much for others and persevere in life's situations.I heard of your scholarship and knowing it would be a long shot I thought I would try for one of your scholarships to get us both back on the mats and working with a great company and team. 

Thanks for your consideration. 

Benjamin W.

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