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Ambassador Program AT CAPACITY

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Thank you to everyone that is part of the team at this time.
We appreciate everyone that supports our mission!
We will have a waiting list for people wishing to join and we will announce when we start taking applications again.
With the support of our ambassadors we have been able to work on many projects already.

Past Projects -

  • Kimonos For Kai "IRREPLACEABLE" Rash Guard ; We teamed up with this amazing foundation with a great cause and with this project we raised about $2,000 that was donated to "Straight From The Heart" in San Diego to help them buy Christmas Gifts for the hundreds of local youth they support.
  • Jiu Jitsu Adult Scholarship ; We ran a scholarship contest were we selected about 10 candidates for the public to vote on, the candidate provided a story of their past and how the Scholarship would help them. For this Scholarship the winner was Andrew Z, We paid for a full year of his Jiu Jitsu Fees at his gym and set him up with gear to get him through the year. Andrew is still continuing on his journey now.

  • Jiu Jitsu YOUTH Scholarship We ran a scholarship contest specifically for kids. We had parents and coaches nominate their kids/students by sending us a write up of how the scholarship could help them out. We received many stories of brave kids dealing with their day to day struggles and using Jiu Jitsu as their outlet. We selected about 10 candidates for the public to vote on, and the winner was a young tough gray belt named October. We set her up with a bunch of training gear and paid her gym fees in full for an entire year. We keep in touch with her mom and are glad to hear Jiu Jitsu having such a positive impact on her.


Our Break Point Athlete/Ambassador program started with the idea of giving back to the Jiu Jitsu community by providing a discount on our products for all levels of athletes, from white belts to black belts.  It has become the starting point to which we have and continue to discover new talent for full sponsorship.  

As this program grew, we realized we had the opportunity to provide more than multi-leveled sponsorship.  Our Ambassador program has allowed us to build a Jiu Jitsu community and connect athletes from all over the world, online and locally. We have donated a ton of merchandise to help support those in need, and have partnered with tournament providers to discount tournament fees for our athletes.  

So many life changing stories have been shared with us that we've been inspired to create one of the first-ever Jiu Jitsu scholarship programs.  With your help, we will continue to look for ways to give back and to support you on your journey through this sport.

Thank you for supporting us while we support Jiu Jitsu.

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