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  • Break Point Kids Limited Edition Passador/Guardeiro Gi
  • Break Point Kids Limited Edition Passador/Guardeiro Gi
  • Break Point Kids Limited Edition Passador/Guardeiro Gi

Break Point Kids Limited Edition Passador/Guardeiro Gi

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Passador; Someone who prefers top game. This is someone that knows how to apply their pressure and technique to pass the guard and look to finish from the top. The Passador rejoices at the sight of his opponent pulling guard, this person has dedicated many hours to perfect the art of passing. With a combination of speed, explosiveness, and determination, they will pass the guard.

Guardeiro; Someone who prefers to play off their back. This is someone with a lot of confindence in their guard game, and usually a lot of tricks as well. They will use different hooks and angles to look for the sweep or the finish. A dedicated Guardeiro will have his go to moves, but will also have 100 different ways to get you to fall into them. A Guardeiro does not give up, a Guardiero will recover the guard time and time again. A Guardeiro will break your will.

"Two Means To An End" - Whether its smashing and passing or hooks and sweeps, both the Passador and Guardeiro should be respected. Whether they are grinding out the submission from the top or tricking you into one from the bottom, they are deadly. Whether you choose to Pass or play Guard, it's just "Two Means To An End".

Our long awaited Passador/Guardeiro Gi is here. This Limited Edition Gi top is constructed from a single piece of extra-light, extremely comfortable, all cotton 350gsm single weave material. The lapels are covered in ripstop for extra durability. The Gi features embroideries on the arms, front skirt, back, and tail; BP logos on the arms, "Break Point" on the skirt, "Two means to an end" on the tail, and our Passador/Guardeiro hit on the top of the back. The pants are constructed from light and sturdy ripstop cotton. Both top and bottom of the gi feature black contrast stitching. 

  • Extremely Limited Quantities(will not be reproduced)
  • Ripstop Lapel
  • Ripstop Pants
  • Extremely Light
  • One Piece Construction Top 
  • Available for Kids and Adults


Size Chart : 


Height  Average Weight LBS Size 
                                     Break Point Limited Edition Gi
3'9" - 4'0" Up to 60 lbs  K0
4'1" - 4'4"   60 lbs - 75 lbs K1
4'5" - 4'.9" 75 lbs - 90 lbs  K2
4'10" - 5'1"  90 lbs - 105 lbs K3


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